A hidden gem- Mertensia Park is a peaceful, secluded area with a quiet playground and beautiful creek. Access to the creek is just a short walk from the trailhead. The park also has a great sledding hill in the winter as well as basketball, tennis courts and soccer and baseball fields.

1438 Mertensia Road, Farmington, NY 14425
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The Playground

Mertensia Park has so much to offer the community. This area has a nice sized playground with good climbing structures, baby swings, and an adaptive swing. Nearby to the playground you will find the gaga ball pit and a little free library. There is expansive space for flying a kite or RC equipment too.

The Hiking

For creek access– Look for the blue sign back by the basketball courts and follow the trail into the woods. There you will have access to explore the creek and be on the lookout some fairies live there! Please note the trail is very knotty with lots of roots as well as poison ivy on the trail.

The Sledding

The park also has a great sledding spot near the entrance. You can park your car along the side and you are right close to the sledding area. The hill height changes as it works it way down, making it a great spot for all ages.

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