Located in Canandaigua, New York you will find a bubble tea shop with brightly colored furniture (some available for purchase), fun spinning chairs and a kid’s corner with kid sized seating and a chalkboard. Everything about this place, from the drinks to the decor to the furniture, just screams fun!

3225 State Rt.364, Suite 65 Canandaigua, NY 14424
Take Me There

The Cafe

Pick a base, pick a flavor and pick your add ins! Kids will have so much fun ordering bubble tea at Mightea Boba with their array of flavor combinations, bright colors and various pearls. After ordering, have a seat in one of their brightly colored chairs. The kids seem to especially enjoy the spinning ones toward the front! A public restroom with a changing table can be found in the back.

The Kids Corner

If the fun bubble tea drinks at Mightea Boba and spinning chairs don’t draw the kids in, the kids corner surely will! This is a small area with a chalkboard and kids table!

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