At Norson Bridge County Park the simplistic approach to this hideaway park is the beauty of the natural surroundings.  There is a path that leads straight to a boat launch and a pavilion to relax and let the kids play.  Be on the lookout for the bison farm down the road at rt 236!

6744 Pulver Road, Newark, NY 14513
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The Playground

Go back to basics with this playground at Norson Bridge County Park. With monkey bars, and climbing galore the older kids will have a blast with this obstacle course. Near by you will find an open air pavilion and picnic tables. The downside is there are no swings at this park.

The Bison Farm

Located about a half mile down the road at 7030 Bauer Van Wickle Rd, you will find Ramph’s Bison Hill Farm. Here you can see the bison roam free and explore their habitat. This is not a public farm but the bison are visible from the road!

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