Northampton Park is a Monroe County Park that encompasses Springdale Farm and the new Alpine Adventure Zone! If heading to the farm, the playground near Springdale Farm is the first thing you see upon entering the parking lot but there is so much more!  Note, dogs are allowed at Northampton Park but not within Springdale Farm. 

There is a seasonal restroom at the farm nearby the goats. There is another seasonal restroom available off Hubble Road by the Alpine Adventure Zone.

 700 Colby St, Spencerport, NY 14559
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Alpine Adventure Zone

Wow! Alpine Adventure Zone is a must visit no matter what side of Rochester you live. This playground is massive with activities for kids two and up! For the little ones there are: baby swings, a saucer swing and a bench swing. The younger ones also enjoy the tunnels, cabin and the smaller balance beams with assistance. You will find the older kids playing hide and seek as well as “The Floor is Lava” here when they are done scaling the bridges and balance beams.

There is plenty of parking adjacent to the playground as well as across the street. Picnic tables, grills and seasonal restrooms can also be found on site.

Please note, this playground is very large with some more challenging aspects. Sneakers and close adult supervision is recommended. This playground is located off of Hubble Road near the ski lodge. Take Me There

The Playground at Springdale Farm

​This playground features regular and baby swings, a bulldozer and car spring ride-on, and your faithful slides, tunnels and bridges. There is a tall wobbly balance beam here as well! The playground is right in front of Balcony point and greets you at the parking lot before heading into the farm.

The Farm

A couple of animals are back at the farm including turkey, ducks and goats!

The Fairy Trail

The Victory Fairy Trail was relocated to Springdale Farm during the fall of 2020. This project was a community effort led by Rochester’s Playbook! The project was designed to lift morale during the trying times brought on by Covid 19. Each house was created by different families that signed up to give their time and energy to this display. The Fairy houses can be found by taking the path all the way through the farm, past the pond and dairy barn, to the backwoods. This is about .2 miles of flat terrain to get to the woods. Once there, the wood fairy path is another .2 miles that loops around the woods. More Here.

The Hiking

There are many trails within Northampton Park. The popular trails include The Nature trail along the Fairview trail and the Victory Fairy Trail within Springdale Farm. If taking Brockport Spencerport Road, the trailhead for the Nature trail is the third opening on the left. You will see a sign for the Nature Trail by the parking area. Once you enter the trail, there is a offshoot to the left that will take you along high banks that border Salmon Creek. There are offshoots from the trail that bring you down to access the creek. Watch out for poison Ivy! Check out the Trail Map for information on all the trails at Northampton.

The Sledding

“The designated sledding hill is located across the street from the Ski Lodge on Hubble Road.  The park also features a ski hill with a rope tow, which is located on Hubble Road.  For more information including lessons and hours check out the flyer. Swain Ski Resort runs the learn-to-ski program for the Monroe County Parks Department.”

The Venue

There are many options to choose from at Springdale Farm if looking for a venue for your event. From birthday parties to weddings, the space is beautiful and entertaining on many levels. Balcony point has a beautiful main hall that fits up to 165 guests and the view is beautiful! The open air pavilion holds up to 100 guests and is adjacent to the playground.
Facility Rental Information

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