Feeling nostalgic?! Step back in time at the Oaks Corners Community Park with this all metal playground. This was a surprising piece of land with equipment from the early 1970’s.

1828-1888 Co Rd 6, Phelps, NY 14532
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The Playground

This partially shaded playground at Oaks Corners Community Park includes a sturdy metal roundabout, large metal climbing tower, an expansive row of swings, teeter totter, a small sandbox. Next to the baby swings, there is also a baseball field, basketball court and a huge pavilion with tables and grills. The only thing that is missing that big (hot) metal slide!  While this may not be the newest equipment on the market all of it was fun to see and enjoy for the time spent. There were a couple of basketballs for the community to use in the ball courts.

Please note, the playground is in need of repair and some maintenance upkeep, so use caution on the equipment. The teeter totter had unstable handles and should only be used by older children. There was no formal parking lot, parking on the grass under the shaded trees seems to be the go to. There is a bathroom on site, however was locked when we visited the playground. Also at this time there was a posting that no pets allowed on premises.

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