Onanda Park boasts a fun playground adjacent to a beautiful beach on Canandaigua Lake. There are also sites available to rent for the camping enthusiasts and if there is enough rain fall you can find a creek leading to a waterfall found behind the cabins near the beach. If visiting for the day,  there is a fee for parking: $5 on weekdays and $7 on weekends. 

4965 Co Rd 16, Canandaigua, NY 14424
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The Playground

This playground is adjacent to a beautiful beach on Canandaigua Lake. After playing, kids can cool off in the water. The playground is well kept, with a variety of play structures including large tunnels, slides of varying lengths, pull up bars and a shapes/colors board. The playground is suited for a large age range with two separate structures. Please note, There are not swings on this playground. Although you can see the water from the playground, it is not a quick run back and forth to the playground and water. The playground is hidden behind one of the lodges so to find it head towards the lake and you will see basketball courts on your left. The playground is there as well!

If staying in the cabins across the street, or looking to avoid a crowd, a second playground can be found near the parking lot on the opposite side of the road. This playground is small and simple and has a basketball court nearby.

The Beach

There is a lifeguard on duty at this beautiful beach along Canandaigua Lake. There is a playground near the beach as well as a creek to explore. The beach surface is rocks rather than sand, but still bring a shovel and bucket for playing! The beach is typically open until labor day. Check the town’s website for schedule information. Shore fishing at Onanda Park is allowed year round. If planning a visit on weekday afternoons or weekends, there is a fee for parking on the beach side (See photo). Season passes are available for purchase.

The Hiking

The Park Guide showcases many hikes within Onanda.

However, you can take an unofficial hike up the creek to view the waterfall. The creek can be accessed either by parking Beach side and finding the creek behind the cabins or parking across the street and walking South until you find the Pedestrian Trail sign.

From there it is about a half mile walk up the creek and you will reach the waterfall. This walk is fairly easy as it is flat and quick, however there are obstacles to get around at times and rocks can be slippery.

Please note, there are ropes to scale the waterfall and stairs leading into the creek but also signs that read hiking through the creek is not advised. Enter at your own risk! Sturdy shoes are highly recommended. That said, my 2.5 year old walked to the bottom of falls by herself and my 6 year old had no problems at all! This trail is easier than many of the other gully’s around!

Be sure to head here after a good rainfall! The creek was dried up at the start of the hike, but we found water as we continued on!

The Camping

Cabins are available on the Lakeside as well as on the opposite side of the road which features hiking opportunties. Many cabins have their own bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Check the details and book your stay HERE.

The Venue

Onanda is a popular spot for birthday Parties and Showers. Across the street from the beach is Kind Hall and an open-air lodge over looking Canandaigua Lake. Various Lodges can also be reserved for your gathering. All options have a nearby playground!

More Venue Information here.

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