Parma Town Park is a nice park for dogs and kids alike! The park includes activities such as fishing, hiking and disk golf. There are two playgrounds here, along with a skate park, tennis court and soccer and baseball fields on the premises. A beautiful 2-3 miles worth of wooded/well-maintained trails can also be found within the park! Along with the pond for fishing, there is a creek that runs through the trails. There are two separate playgrounds near to one another which helps to disperse the crowd.

1300 Hilton Parma Corners Rd, Hilton, NY 14468
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Playground #1

Adventure Towers Playground opened in September 2021 and is the newest addition of Parma Town Park. The closest parking lot can be found by taking the North Entrance, though ample parking is available throughout the park.

Inclusive elements can be found on this playground including a padded play surface, Alta Glide (Or “Boat” as many of the children call it), and an area with ramps. This playground meets a wide age range but is recommended for kids 5-12. For the climbers, there is limitless opportunity here!

Playground #2

The red playground is a short walk from the Adventure Towers Playground and has swings, a rock wall, zip line and barrel roll. There are many slides of various sizes here as well as some unique balancing structures.

The Skate Park

The Skate park is very large and fenced in. It is great for a variety of ages and skill levels. The skatepark is close to the playground and open during park hours. Note, being so close to the playgrounds, this skate park often attracts the younger crowd as kids love to slide down the ramps.

The Hiking

There are many trails showcasing much diversity. There’s a creek running through some of the trails and the trails are well maintained. There’s also a disc golf course.

The Fishing

There is a nice open pond at Parma Park with a bridge going across and catch and release fishing available.

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