Perinton Park is a lovely park for kids and adults alike. As the park is along the canal, one can find plenty to do from fishing to biking to strolling the canal path. Not too far from the canal is a tennis court and basketball court creating a safe barrier from the canal for the large playground. The park is full of large trees, picnic tables and grills creating a wonderful picnic opportunity. Looking for a party location? There is both a pavilion and a lodge for party opportunities here. The park and restrooms are well maintained and parking is plentiful.

99 O’Connor Rd, Fairport, NY 14450
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The Playground

This is a favorite playground for many. It is very large and removed from the road, parking lot and canal. It is also partially shaded and stocked full of a variety of swings. There are two separate playgrounds for the various age groups. After playing on the playground, head to the canal to see some passing kayaks and ducks!

The Canal

The canal is closest to the second parking lot off of O’Connor Road. The canal lines the back of the park with grills, picnic tables and bench swings scattered along the canal edge. Look for a Little Free Library along the canal as well! This is a great spot to pack some food, fire up the grill and enjoy the views along the canal. After the picnic be sure to head to the playground! And be sure to check out the dock overlooking the canal, often enjoyed by fishing enthusiasts.

The Venue

There is an open air pavilion and an enclosed lodge at Perinton Park. Both venues are widely used for birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.
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