Perkins Park is a top of the line park right in the middle of town! With a large playground (two additional school playgrounds nearby), multiple newly built pavilions with picnic tables, large fields to play, bike/walking paths, and multiple mature trees shading a large portion of the park- You will absolutely fall in love with this park! Sandwiched directly between Norman R Kelly School and Perkins Elementary School, there is no better location. It is a favorite for birthday parties, and school functions!

Lillie St Newark NY 14513*
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*There are multiple entrances to this park. Washington St is the main entrance, but you may have issues entering due to the bus loop. At the end of Davis Dr. there is a large parking lot for the park. You can also enter on Lillie St which leads you to park right in front of playground.

The Playground

Perkins Park playground never gets old! The largest play structure is great for toddlers to teens. Sporting 3 large yellow slides your kids will love making this one into an obstacle course. Also, the huge hit of this playground is the zip line! It is not the largest one around, but still a fun ride! You will also notice a smaller play structure, frog slide, and baby swing set parallel to the main playground. It is great for babies and toddlers!

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