This is a wonderful little park to fulfill your child’s curiosity of where vegetables come from. The large community garden is open to stroll and smell the flowers.The park is usually less crowded than most and includes tennis courts, a playground and plenty of open space. 

53 W Church St, Fairport, NY 14450
Take Me There

The Playground

Potter Park is a quaint Park a short distance away from the beautiful village of Fairport. Though the playground is small, there is plenty of green space in the park to explore. There is a small sandbox (bring toys) and picnic tables. Though the playground is in direct sun, there are shades over the play structure offering some relief. There are typical and baby swings here as well.

The Community Garden

The Community Garden was established in 2011 on the site of a WWII Victory Garden. It is a beautiful spot to stroll with the kids and observe various vegetable growth – some are even labeled! Perinton has partnered with the local food bank to allow residents who rent garden beds to donate surplus produce to local food banks.  

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