Powder Mills Park offers year round fun. The fish hatchery is a unique and peaceful experience of feeding fish. There are 3 seasonal restrooms: (1) Off Park Rd by Rand Lodge (2) off Woolston Rd by Powderhorn Lodge (3) Off Woolston Rd next to the Oak Tree Lodge. Also nearby, you can find the historic mushroom house with its unique architecture. 

154 Park Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534
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The Fish Hatchery

Powder Mills Fish Hatchery is fun for everyone. You are able to feed fish in different stages of life. Bring along a cup and some quarters for fish food! Be careful not to throw in too much of the feed or you will be splashed (okay, that’s the best part!). The park offers a few different coin operated feed machines right near the holding areas. The Fish Hatchery is stroller and wheelchair friendly!

The Creek Access

Powder Mills is an excellent spot to spend a summer’s day. With the fish hatchery, hiking trail and creek all within close proximity, it makes for a great way to fly through a hot day. We like to start off feeding the fish at the hatchery then head to the trail for a short hike in the woods right behind the building. After finishing the hike, the kids can cool down in the creek! During our visit the creek was shallow all the way through. 

The Playground

This older playground has two spring cars, baby swings and typical swings. There are monkey bars and slide of various sizes. The playground is located a short drive from the fish hatchery on Woolston Road, near Powder Horn Lodge.

The Hiking

With five marked trails, Powder Mills Park has more to offer than just the fish hatchery. Each trail is under a mile and consists of hilly, dirt paths. We traveled the Trillium trail (Marked with yellow paint) which is a .5 mile (one way) walk that will bring you along the wetlands and through an area of unique plant life. You can enter the Trillium Trail at the trailhead nearest the park office and pond. Be on the lookout for poison ivy. In the spring, be sure to check out the .7 mile (one way) Daffodil Trail as the Daffodil meadow will be in bloom! The trails are fairly flat and simple but not stroller friendly. This particular trail can also become very flooded so if you really want to reach the daffodil meadow, wear your rain boots! Before heading out to Powder Mills Park print the Park Map and Trail Map.

The Venue

There are several lodges and pavilions to choose from for various fees at Powder Mills Park. The Powderhorn Lodge is nearest the playground, though across the road. It holds a maximum of 40 people and is $200-$220

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