Rochester’s Playbook: 100 Loved Playgrounds Around Rochester




Embark on an exciting journey through the Greater Rochester region with “Rochester’s Playbook: 100 Loved Playgrounds Around Rochester NY.”
This comprehensive guide is your key to discovering the most cherished and fun-filled playgrounds across the nine counties of Greater Rochester.

What You’ll Find Inside:

  • Easy Navigation: Navigate with ease using the included map that helps you locate each playground effortlessly. With this guide, you’ll never miss out on a nearby play area.
  • Handy Checklist: The table of contents doubles as a checklist, allowing you to keep track of your playground adventures. Mark your progress as you explore each one.
  • Playground Insights: Gain valuable insights on each playground you visit. Discover if it’s fenced, shaded, and how many swings it offers. Get the lowdown on the surfacing, wheel friendly features, overall condition, presence of sand or water play areas, picnic opportunities, and proximity to creeks and lakes.
  • Budget-Friendly: Learn about the cost (if any) associated with each playground so you can plan accordingly.
  • Extended Adventures: Each page comes with an extra activity suggestion, giving you options for more adventures to enjoy once you’ve had your fill of playground excitement.

Whether you’re a parent seeking new places for your children to play, an adventurous soul exploring the region, or simply someone looking to relive the joy of playground days, “Rochester’s Playbook” is your comprehensive guide to making the most of every visit. Don’t miss out on the best play spaces in Greater Rochester – pick up your copy and start your playground adventure today!

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