What a gem! There is more than meets the eye at Ricky Greene Memorial Park! This little park hidden in Conesus boasts unique wooden play equipment, a beautiful creek, historical aspects and a modern playground! If you like to explore off the beaten path, add this one to the bucket list!

6074 South Livonia Rd. Conesus, New York
Take Me There

Playground #1

Tucked in the corner of Ricky Greene Memorial Park is an assortment of large wooden play structures including a monster truck, pirate ship and train. This area is nicely wooded and shaded. Several baby swings, toddler swings and typical swings can be found in this section alongside an adorable play house.

Playground #2

A more typical modern playground is also located within Ricky Greene Memorial Park on the opposite side of the wooden structures. This is a small playground with simple features such as slides and monkey bars.

The Creek Access

There is a beautiful creek that runs through Ricky Greene Memorial Park. It can be accessed by heading behind the Monster Truck play structure mention in Playground #1. The walk to the creek is a quick downhill stroll but is not stroller friendly. From there you can follow the creek for quite awhile. There are some deep parts but plenty of rocky shore to walk along. Wear water shoes!

The Fitness Area

On your way back to the wooden structures, you will pass a fitness area. The are six pieces of equipment in this area with directions at each station.
There is a digger near the fitness area as well! If anyone knows the purpose of the structure in the second picture, please, let us know in the comments. We are stumped!

Historical Aspects

There are several historical pieces displayed at Ricky Greene Memorial Park including an old Bell, a totem pole and a log cabin. The Kellerman Log Cabin was built in 1816 and relocated to Rickey Greene Memorial Park for continued preservation. 

The Venue

A large pavillion can be found near the fitness area and large wooden sturctures. The pavillion is home to several picnic tables.

For pavillion reservations please call the Park Director at 346-6332.

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