RocVentures provides climbing opportunities for all ages! This climbing gym offers rentals (harness and shoes) for toddlers through adult! There are so many ways to experience RocVentures.⁣ Read the details below then head to for more details!

1044 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
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Visit with a Day Pass

If you are interested in exploring the gym at your own pace (with or without the kids) before making any commitments, you likely want to try a day pass! If you aren’t certified at the gym to belay, you won’t be able to experience all areas of the gym but there is still plenty to try. If you are bringing your kids to climb the boulder walls and auto belay (and not doing any climbing yourself), you only need to purchase a pass for your kids! A day pass is $10 for kids under 5 and includes all rental equipment!⁣ Click HERE for more on pricing! You can purchase the day pass at the door but fill out the waiver online to save time! If you love it, save money on future visits with a membership!

Youth Explorers

Drop the kids off at Youth Explorers! This is a great way for kids to try out rock climbing and build relationships and team skills in the process. It is recommended for ages 6-12 and takes place every Friday evening. This is a drop off program but you are also invited to stay and watch! More info HERE

Staff Belay

Reserving a staff belay offers you a customizable experience. This is a great choice especially if you are heading to RocVentures with a little one to determine the child’s interests and abilities and you rather not do the belaying. This option includes all rental equipment and admission for 1 hour with a staff to assist the entire time. This is a great way to explore the entire gym at your own pace and get a taste of everything there is to offer. You can reserve a time online HERE

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