Rubber Surface Playgrounds

Greece Recreation Center

3 Vince Tofany Blvd, Rochester, NY 14612

This playground/splash pad combo is geared toward younger children and will surely activate the imagination with its outdoor/animal theme. With large fish, beavers and bears to climb on along with a variety of swing types, the playground is suitable for a range of needs and abilities. The play area is fenced in, nicely padded and very clean and well kept. There are plenty of picnic tables outside of the playground area. Also nearby is a story trail and outdoor workout equipment! This playground is within walking distance of the Greece Community Center and Library. Bring a lunch and have a full day of fun! Note: The playground is free and fenced in but directly adjacent to the splash pad which can be accessed with a fee for non-residents. Therefore, warn your child if you do not plan on spending the $5 as it is definitely a tempting sight in the summer!

Egypt Park

99 Victor Rd, Fairport, NY 14450

Egypt Park is a fan favorite. The surface is padded and the structures are farm-themed including a tractor-shaped play structure! There are a wide variety of swings (typical, baby and adaptive) and wide ramps for accessibility. There is a pavilion with picnic tables near by (Farm theme birthday party anyone?). The playground is a good distance from the parking lot and road and is surrounded by plenty of grassy areas for running around. There is a trail that connects that park to the Lollypop Farm Trail, making this a great destination to pack a lunch and spend the day. Seasonal bathrooms can be found a short walk away from the playground.

Parma Park

1300 Hilton Parma Corners Rd, Hilton, NY 14468

Adventure Towers Playground opened in September 2021 and is the newest addition of Parma Town Park. The closest parking lot can be found by taking the North Entrance, though ample parking is available throughout the park. 

Inclusive elements can be found on this playground including a padded play surface, Alta Glide (Or “Boat” as many of the children call it), and an area with ramps. This playground meets a wide age range but is recommended for kids 5-12. For the climbers, there is limitless opportunity here!

Pineway Ponds

99 Park Rd, Spencerport, NY 14559

The highlight of Pineway Ponds Park is its splash pad and playground with a padded surface. This newer playground has a rubber surface making it wheel friendly as well as an adaptive 4 person teeter totter. This modern playground has a lot of different climbing structures and a swing set with typical and baby swings. A seasonal restroom is close by.

Ellwanger and Barry Park

890 Meigs St, Rochester, NY 14620

Ellwanger and Barry Park recently received a makeover to include a padded play surface in some areas. However, not to worry- Though the mulch was removed in some areas, the sandbox and community donated toys still remain. A modern play structure was added as well as a miniature clubhouse and slide for the younger kids. This park heavily relies on community aid so all are welcome to donate toys and clean up any broken toys. Please note, there is limited street parking and no bathroom. 

Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park

Rudman Rd, Irondequoit, NY 14622

Heyer-Bayer Memorial Park is a small neighborhood park in Irondequoit with a brand new inclusive playground! There is a decent sized field right next to the playground for more running around! This playground is a nice stop along the way to Seabreeze or Irondequoit Bay Marine ParkThere are no bathrooms on site.

Cobbs Hill Park

80 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14610

The playground at Cobbs Hills Park is unique as it features a parkour style obstacle course. The course is complete with a challenge board which outlines the course path and how to perform each obstacle. The playground is off of Norris Drive, across from Lake Riley Lodge.The parkour course is sure to entertain toddlers to teens and the reservoir and hiking provides beautiful views. Extend the visit by fishing or checking out the fitness course. Head to Village Bakery for lunch after!

Perinton Community Center

1350 Turk Hill Rd, Fairport, NY 14450

This is a beautiful community center with much to offer. The playground at the Perinton Recreation Center is open to the public, fenced and gated with a padded play surface. Venture inside the recreation center, and you will find a beautiful aquatics center and preschool open gym! The playground is part of the Perinton Community Center so it may be in use by the programs there. However, there is plenty to do within the rec center and Center Park with another playground (with a mulch surface) is just down the road! Bathrooms can be found within the recreation center.

Basil Marella Park

975 English Rd, Rochester, NY 14616

Adjacent to the older playground, is the newly builtfenced ininclusive playground. This barrier free section of the park was erected in August 2021 and showcases a We-Go-Round, sensory center and We-Go-Swing (one of the first in the country!). The surface is rubber and cement for easy accessibility and the stations are nicely spaced apart. The bathrooms at Basil Marella have also been adapted to include more inclusive features. The playground was built in partnership with the Town of Greece and Endless Highway

Campbell Street Recreation Center

524 Campbell St, Rochester, NY 14611

Located right off the 490, Campbell Street Recreation Center is a wonderful spot to cool off and play. The splash pad and playground is free and open to all (An EZ pass is not required). Bathrooms are available within the Recreation Center during business hours.

The playground at Campbell Street Recreation Center is beautiful and newly built. It is located directly behind the splash pad and well removed from the road. There are two sections to this playground; One for older kids, and the other for younger. The playground for the older kids as a “repelling wall,” spiral slide, zip line, monkey bars and more!

Sweden Town Park

John Henlon Prkwy, Brockport, NY 14420

Sweden Town Park has it all! There are three playgrounds at this park as well as a new splash pad (June, 2019)! Aside from the playgrounds there are hiking trails, a skate park and even a dog park with a pool!

Letchworth State Park

7051 Lower Falls Rd, Castile, NY 14427

Letchworth State park is expansive! The road from start to finish is about 20 miles long with offshoots, overlooks, waterfalls, playgrounds and hiking along the way. 

The playground by the Lower Falls Recreation Center has a rubber surface, rope spider web and accessible fitness equipment! There is a fun canoe for the kids to sit in placed perfectly on the faux river shown on the rubber surface. The recreation center also offers a variety of outdoor games.

Please note, there is a seasonal car entrance fee to enter the park. Plan ahead and check out the Empire State Park Pass from the Monroe County Library System to get into the park for free!

First Responder’s Park

1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster, NY 14580

This firefighter-themed playground and splash pad offer hours of fun. The playground has a rubber surface as well as swings of all kinds. There is a web for climbing, a fire truck play structure, a police van structure and a large rock wall climber. There are ramps leading to the various slides and other features. There are very small slides and a very large slide! The playground is well removed from the road and parking lot. Truly a great playground for all.

Finger Lakes Welcome Center

35 Lake Front Dr, Geneva, NY 14456

The Finger Lakes Welcome Center play area is imaginative and nicely padded! The entire area has a ship theme with a “water” image rubber surface and faux rocks and sticks for climbing. The playground is in direct sun but you often will feel a nice breeze from the lake!  The themed playground is new as of the summer of 2018. It is right alongside Seneca lake and therefore abound with other opportunities, including walking along the shore and shopping, food and drinks within visitor’s center. 

Genesee Valley Park

1316 Genesee St, Rochester NY 14611

This playground is called “The Genesee Valley Park Playground for All Children” as it boasts several inclusive structures. This unique playground has a padded surface and swings for a range of abilities, including a tandem swing! There are many structures for a wide range of ages and abilities. The “ropes course” appeal to older children while the various slides and spinning mechanisms appeal to all. The playground is surrounded by trees and open fields and is partially fenced in. There are picnic tables with grills nearby. 

Please note, this park is fairly close to the road and the closest parking is in the street, though there is a parking lot further down the road if needed. The playground is in direct sun and there is not a pavilion nearby but there are plenty of surrounding trees. The park is very large with multiple entrances. Use “Genesee Valley Park Playground For All Children” in Google Maps to find this playground.

Adams Street Recreation Center

85 Adams St #2210, Rochester, NY 14608

Adams Street Rec Center is located just a short distance from Corn Hill Landing. Though this playground is attached to the rec center, it is open to the public! The play surface is padded rather than mulch and there are two separate play areas, plus regular and baby swings. There a both plastic and metal slides, long and short. Kids of many ages will enjoy this playground. There are a lot of opportunities here for the kids to run and climb. As this is part of the Community Center, the playground can become very populated with recreation programs. The nearest bathroom is an outhouse, but bathrooms can also be found in the rec center when open. 

Ridge Park

Van Ingen Dr, Webster, NY 14580

Ridge Park (Also known as Karpus Family Playground) in Webster, NY recently received a makeover to include a padded play surface with wheelchair accessibility. Kids love to run, crawl and ride up and down the ramps of this playground. With the rubber surface, it’s a great playground to visit any time of year.

Joshua Park

Titus Ave, Irondequoit, NY 14617

Located behind the Wegmans on Titus Ave, the enclosed and padded play surface has a variety of structures to please a wide range of ages. This is probably the largest fenced in playground in the Rochester area complete with several separate playground structures. soccer field and track. Just note, the fence is not gated and there is an opening further down the track for a walking path. The smaller play structures here are really adorable and great for even the crawers of the family. There is other “stations” nearby better suited for older kids.

McAvoy Park

1579 Winton Rd N, Irondequoit, NY

McAvoy Park is heavily used for its athletic field so there are plenty of lights offering light for later evening playing. The play surface is padded, rather than mulch and much of the play area is fenced in! This is a small playground right off of Empire Boulevard so it makes for a fun stop while running errands in this part of town.  The play features are small and best suited for younger kids.

Camp Eastman

1558 Lakeshore Blvd., Irondequoit, NY 14617

Camp Eastman offers a secluded splash pad (currently closed for renovation) and playground open and free to the public. Camp Eastman is directly across from Durand Eastman Beach, which offers opportunities for swimming, hiking and grilling. 

The playground has a rubber surface and is widespread- offering plenty of space for children to play. The playground is considered “barrier free” and includes an adaptive swing, ramps and a path of percussion instruments. The rocking boat structure, round-about and spring car can also be found here. There are pavilions and picnic tables so pack a lunch!

Henrietta Recreation Center

605 Calkins Rd, Rochester, NY 14623

​The playground behind Henrietta Recreation Center is beautifully constructed. It is small, but still has 4 slides! The best part is it is completely covered and mostly fenced in, with three sides of fencing and the side facing the recreation center being open. There are even picnic benches available. This playground is within walking distance of the Henrietta Library and the Veteran’s Memorial Playground if you are up for a longer stroll.

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