There is an expansive playground here, set away from the road and right behind the Rush Public Library. There is plenty of green space for running and separate structures for younger kids and older ones. The library houses a quaint children’s section with a beloved Art Cart!

1900 Rush Scottsville Rd, Rush, NY 14543
Take Me There

The Library

The children’s section at Rush Public Library is quite large. There are a handful of children’s computers and a wide selection of children’s books. The highlight here though is the Art Cart! Above the art cart is an example of the finished product and the cart itself is full of all the supplies you need to make the craft. Lay the provided table cloth down on the puzzle table or in the community room and get crafting!

The Playground

The playground is located a short walk away behind the Rush Library. There is a teeter totter, rock climbing wall and many slides here. Regular and baby swings can also be found at this playground with a little free library nearby! The small structure is designed for children ages 2-5 and has a miniature slide and stairs. The larger structure has several slides, a rock wall and a tall escalating bridge. There is a teeter totter, spring ride-ons and swings here as well.

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