The boardwalk of the Nature Trail is Closed for the foreseeable future as it is in need of repair (1/16/23)

Sandy Bottom Beach park offers a lovely day at the beach on Honeoye Lake. Near the beach are two quaint playgrounds with a good mix of sun and shade. Enjoy the lake views and the wildlife along the hiking trails. The park is located at the north end of Honeoye Lake which is off County Road 36 (West Lake Road). The park is open daily from dawn to dusk.

Jack Evans Dr. Honeoye, New York 14471
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The Beach

The beach at Sandy Bottom is small but beautiful! The beach typically opens for swimming around mid June. However, visitors do come to play in the sand during the off seasons. The beach is very close to the two playgrounds outlined below. The seasonal restrooms are closed at times, leaving an outhouse as the only facility. Be sure to call ahead to check on water quality if you plan on swimming! Call 585-330-7066 or check HERE for details.

Playground #1

As you come up to the shoreline there is a quaint lakefront playground. Enjoy the views and peacefulness of the shoreline while cooling off a bit in the shade. The playground is a safe distance from the water but close enough so you can run back and forth. This playground is recommended for kinds ages 2-5. It has several small slides and a counter area for pretending. There are picnic tables nearby so be sure to pack a lunch!

Playground #2

The second playground is a short walk from the initial playground you see upon entering the beach area. This playground is better suited for older children. It has monkey bars, a rock wall, climbing slide, some taller slides and other balancing features. This playground is in direct sun and situated between two bodies of water. In front of the structures are two typical swings and two baby swings.

The Hiking

The boardwalk of the Nature Trail is Closed for the foreseeable future as it is in need of repair (1/16/23)

There are several paths to take if hiking at Sandy Bottom Park. If looking for a shorter walk with the kids, I recommend the Nature Trail! This can be found just off of the gravel path beyond the outhouse near the beach area. If you keep taking left turns, the trail is just around 3/4 miles on fairly easy terrain.The majority of the hike is on the boardwalk with a small portion on a mulched path. The trail can be stroller friendly though it does get narrow in spots and some boards may be loose.

Keep a close eye! You will likely spot wildlife here. Towards the end of the boardwalk at the overlook area, we spotted several bullfrog tadpoles, a large snapping turtle, several fish and some deer! Walking trails can also be accessed on Main Street which is between 8719 and 8723 Route 20A, and at the north end of East Lake Road, opposite 8494 East Lake Road. Check for ticks!

The Bike Course

Upon entering Sandy Bottom Beach Park, you will see this bike course on your left. This is a wonderfully done eagle project that is great for a variety of skill levels. There are signs at each station with instructions. Helmets are required!

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