If you are local to Rochester, you know all about the Seneca Park Zoo. With membership or daily admission options available, this is popular spot to spend some time outside!

2222 St Paul St, Rochester, NY 14621
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The Zoo

The Seneca Park zoo is a popular choice on a sunny Rochester day, but it can be a fun visit any time of year. There are indoor and outdoor exhibits and most of the displays are close together so you will see animals every step of the way. Animals you may see include elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinos, sea lions, otters, penguins, lions, wolves, tigers, red pandas, snow leopard and much more. The trails are wide and stroller friendly and the walk is there and back which totals about 1.3 miles.

The Playground

The natural playground was disassembled to make way for a new exhibit but the original plastic playground remains. The playground is conveniently located near the picnic area by the front of the zoo. The playground is small but has a good amount of space for running around.

Winter Visits

The Zoo is open year round. As long as you dress in suitable cold weather attire, it is the perfect place to visit. There are less people and some animals are more active. The pavilion by the old playground is heated and enclosed for comfortable dining so pack a picnic or grab food at the concession stand. Put a visit on the calendar for February. Free Youth February allows for free youth admission (ages 3-11, up to five free Youth tickets with each purchase of an Adult or Senior ticket)

The Venue

Did you know the zoo can host celebrations from birthday parties to catered events such as school dances as weddings?  For each birthday party booked, the Zoo makes a donation to giraffe conservation. Birthday parties Include:

• Zoo admission for the day for all party guests
• A private party space for up to two hours
• Guided craft activity
• Presentation with three ambassador animals (photos listed below)
• Souvenir animal-themed hat for each child guest
• A special gift presented to the birthday guest of honor (giraffe plush and certificate commemorating donation made to help save giraffes)
• Two hosts dedicated to your party who will guide you through all party activities
• Two large pizzas, juice and water for children
• Enhance your party with food and gift options

Price: $300 for up to 10 children (including birthday child)

One adult chaperone is permitted to attend with each child guest.

More Details at SenecaParkZoo.org

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