There’s way more to Seneca Park than Seneca Park Zoo. Without paying Zoo Admission, you can access two playground, hiking trails, waterfalls, pond views and much more.

Zoo Rd, Rochester, NY 14617
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Playground 1

If you’ve been to the zoo, you’ve definitely passed this playground on your way down Zoo Road. This playground is favorable because of the vast amount of shade covering it receives. It also doesn’t see too much traffic since most people are in the area for the zoo, though you may find a playmate or two here. The surface is mulch and there are two separate areas for ages 2-5 and 6-12 along with typical swings and baby swings.

Pedestrian Bridge

The pedestrian bridge is located across the road from playground #1. The bridge itself is just under a 1/2 mile long and is part of the Genesee Riverway Trail. Once you reach the end of the bridge, you will be brought to the Maplewood Park playground!

Playground 2

Did you know that Seneca Park has two playgrounds outside the zoo? The second playground can be found by taking Zoo Road past the zoo and following the one way road around to the Hawk Shelter. This playground is also very nicely shaded and boasts some unique animal statues. The play area itself is small but kids will be entertained with the large camel and elephant to climb on as well as with the vast amount of space to explore. Note, Hawk Shelter is often reserved for parties and events so this playground can get busy. Also, if planning on visiting the falls first, do that first and stop at the playground on your way out!

Zoo Cascade and Zoo Falls

To find the falls, you can easily park at Wegmans Lodge in Seneca Park and follow the marked Red Trail. From the lodge, follow the trail behind the lodge and take the first right before hitting the small footbridge. You will soon cross a larger bridge, follow the trail further, then take the stairs down to the base of the falls. It’s about half a mile to the bottom of the falls.

Some parts are a little more challenging but our almost 3 year old completed the hike with light assistance. The Zoo Cascade and Zoo Falls is a walking trail only and is not stroller friendly. We recommend you wear sturdy shoes for this hike! The best time to visit is after a heavy rainfall! Note, there are often events at Wegmans Lodge. In this case, there is ample parking a short walk away.

Please use caution- There was some iron rebar sticking up around the stairs and some steel sign posts sticking up. The stairs are steep and some broken, so tread carefully! There are likely fish hooks near the water edge so keep shoes on! Also consider bringing a garbage bag and gloves for trash removal.

The Venue

There are many open air pavilions along with the spacious Wegmans Lodge available to rent for events. Each shelter is surrounded by woods and open space, giving plenty of room for large gatherings.

For information and reservations please call 585 753-PARK (7275) or go to our Online Lodge & Shelter Reservation System.

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