Not to be confused with Sonnenberg Gardens, (which can be found across the street), Sonnenberg Park is free to enter with a small playground that includes structures for both younger and older children. The park entrance can be found off of Howell St. There is a 1/2 track here and seasonal restrooms.

151 Charlotte St, Canandaigua, NY 14424
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Playground 1

There are two types of play areas at Sonneberg Park. The first one shown is for younger kids. It is closer to the parking lot and basketball courts. The ground is made up of mulch and is a very easy playground to maneuver. It has baby swings, miniature slides and a dinosaur to ride on!

Playground 2

The second play area at the park is definitely for older kids and has plenty for everyone to explore. The Sonnenberg Park playground is also closer to the picnic area. Both playgrounds are in direct sun so bring your hats and sunblock.

The Track

There is a half mile walking track the borders the park. A great place to take a jog with the kids! Just note, some areas of the track run parallel to the road.

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