Spring Lake Park is the place to go for dog owners as it is a very dog friendly park. Dog owners enjoy bringing their dogs to the back of the park to run around. Along with the shaded playground and picnic area, the park features a creek. The park is secluded, quite and shaded with lots of room to run around.

99 Whitney Rd, Penfield, NY 14526
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The Playground

This is a great playground to head to for a picnic. There are picnic tables and grills around and much of the area is shaded making for a great spot to casually meet with friends and grill. Bathroom shelters are near by and there and baby and typical swings. The playground has slides perfect for race and stairs or a climbing rock to get to them.

The Fishing

This is a quaint park with fishing on the Irondequoit Creek.

The Dog Park

This beloved dog park can be found by driving straight to the back of the park. Dogs do not have to be leashed here. The dogs have a wide open area to run around as well as creek access.

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