Looking to have some educational fun at home without the added effort? Teaching Tote is the answer! A Teaching Tote℠ is a play-based rental curriculum kit curated around engaging and educational themes. These totes can be a perfect alternative to preschool or used as a supplement by daycares, after school programs and homeschoolers!

Getting Your Tote

Before diving into getting a Teaching Tote℠ here are some things to know:

  • Jocelyn Semple is the Teaching Tote specialist for Monroe County.
    Totes can be picked up and dropped off at her home in Greece
  • Totes can be delivered for an additional $5 (Additional charges apply for areas outside of Monroe County.)
  • Each Teaching Tote costs $25 for a 2-week rental
  • The totes are fitting to a wide age range. Some are appropriate for 18 months+ while others would be enjoyed by early elementary age children. Be sure to mention the target age group in your inquiry to Jocelyn!
  • Lesson plans are included! The instructions to each activity are simple and concise so you just have to open the tote and go! No planning ahead or extra materials necessary
  • Some totes include allergens. If this is the case, it is very clearly noted on the tote. If your child does have allergies, let Jocelyn know and she will recommend a tote fitting for you!
  • Each tote has a theme that you can choose from. Some examples of available totes can be browsed HERE
  • Contact Jocelyn at jocelyn@teachingtotes.com to begin the rental process.

Continue reading for more insight on what is included in each tote!

(Note, each Teaching Tote℠ is unique, so not every tote comes with a set compilation of materials. However, each tote does include a craft, sensory bin, books, a puzzle and much more. The totes have an emphasis on Montessori practices, sensory play, and natural toys.)


All totes come with a craft- this was our favorite part of the teaching tote! Everything was included from the paper to the glue! The craft instructions were clearly written and the materials were all neatly kept in a single bag so there was no prep or planning necessary. My toddler really enjoyed the process!


Children will be challenged to group by color, size, species etc in various totes. Along with the sorting activities, fine motor skills will also be strengthened!

Sensory Play

All totes includes a sensory element. If your child has allergies, any allergens that may be present will be clearly labeled on the outside of the tote as well as on the individual activity bin. Sensory activities may include finding objects in oats, play dough activities, rice bins, etc.


Along with the sensory games and sorting activities, there are games included in the tote that will get kids moving and playing. Our fall tote included a bean bag toss game and “The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel” which focused on matching colors and fine motor skills but masked in fun!


Whether it be counting, shapes, number recognition or differentiating, some sort of math concept is often included in each tote. My 3 year old loved measuring sunflowers with math cubes!


Several books are included in each tote to correspond with an activity. For example, with our fall themed tote, we read about the stages of a sunflower and followed the reading with a unique layered sunflower puzzle; Each layer of the puzzle being a different stage of life!

These are only some of the items included in a Teaching Tote. There is much more! The two week rental period is just enough time to get through the given activities! More Info Here

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