Tie Dye is back and you can dress in style while supporting local! Created by Tiny Fish Printing (located near the public market), Tie Spy USA was born as a way to provide a fun activity for families to do while housebound during the COvid-19 Pandemic. Though we are no longer living in quarantine, Tie Spy continues to offer a fun and unique experience for the whole family to enjoy at home!

The Product

  • Shirts can be ordered online at https://tiespyusa.com/
  • There are several revealing designs to choose from including space, bloom and summer fun.
  • Sizes include Youth XS (shown below and reflects a 5T) to Adult 4XL
  • Prices start at $14.99
  • Each order includes a tie dye kit (complete with gloves, dyes with applicator bottles, rubber bands, instructions) and what looks like a plain white t-shirt.

The Activity

Though this activity could be done anytime of year, I recommend picking a warm and sunny day to do all the dying outside for a quick and easy cleanup. The process was so fun and there is opportunity to talk about color as kids experiment with mixing the colors to make new ones. ⁣⁣The best part however, was the big reveal! When it came time to rinse our shirts, we found more than just our intended colorful design. Each shirt had hidden images that appeared with the colors. My son loves finding the different space shapes and objects on his shirt. Their Instagram feed is full of ideas, tutorials and inspiration so head there before getting started!⁣⁣

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