“The Boardwalk (the longest bridge that spans the marsh, south of the pond) will be closed during an extensive repair!”

Tinker park is a unique park with plenty of educational opportunities. It is a favorite park for many! Along with the free nature center, there is a playground, fitness trail and interactive hiking trail. This is a great spot to head to year round. However, leave the dogs at home for this one!

1525 Calkins Rd, Pittsford, NY 14534
Take Me There

The Playground

There are two parking lots at Tinker Park. The parking lot off of Pittsford Henrietta Town Line Road will bring you closest to the playground. The Nature center is nearest the parking lot directly off of Calkins Rd. The playground is small but makes for a nice stop along the hiking trails there. There are plenty of slides and three right in a row- perfect for racing! There’s a tunnel, balance beam and “surfboard” as well. Being fairly close to the pond, you will likely see a lot of geese nearby! There’s a picnic table nearby so pack a lunch!

The Nature Center

The nature center is free to enter and exhibits a variety of live (turtles and snakes) and stuffed animals. There is a “please touch” station within the nature center and opportunities for educational classes. Be sure to check ahead for open hours. Donations are encouraged (Bring Cash)! More details here.

The Hiking

We see deer every time we visit Tinker Park. Look closely and you may see turtles, snakes, blue herons and many other kinds of animals in this nature preserve. The trails are easy to navigate as well as wheelchair and stroller friendly. There are several trails so you can see something new with each visit including a variety of bridges, the pond, marsh land and fitness trail.

The Fitness Trail

Tinker Park is popular for its Nature Center and hikes through the woods. However, there is also a fitness trail just beyond the bridge to the pond. The trail is 1.2 miles and does a loop around the park. The workout equipment is simple (unlike the machines at some other parks) but it gets the job done! There are signs at each station describing the exercise. 

The Fishing

There is a catch and release pond at Tinker Park enjoyed by many youths in the community. The pond is nearest the parking lot off of Pittsford Henrietta Townline Road.

The Snowshoes

Snowshoes are available for rent within the Nature Center of Tinker Park. Snowshoes are available to rent for $3.00/pair. Poles are provided if needed. Cash only. More details here

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