Located at the back of the Lincoln Branch Library, the toy library is a wonderful resource in the city of Rochester. Here you can check out ANY toy to borrow for 3 weeks and return to any Monroe County Branch Library. The selection is seemingly limitless and nicely categorized by infant play, sensory play, pretend play, etc.

Currently, you must reserve a 45 minute time slot to visit the toy library. This time slot is open to a group of up to 20 people. Play Hours can be scheduled Monday-Wednesday 10:00am – 4:00pm and Thursday 12:00pm – 6:00 pm. Email to reserve a slot.
Check out the available toys here. 

851 Joseph Ave, Rochester, NY 14621
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Pretend Play

The pretend play section is one of our favorites! It is full of dress up clothes, baby dolls and accessories, a kitchen, table, and many cars, trucks and action figures. Children are welcome to play with the toys while at the library or check out to bring home.

Physical Play

This section offers the unique opportunity to checkout larger toys to bring home. Many of these toys are outdoor toys like hide on cars and sleds. Make room in your car if you are planning to check out some of these items!

Sensory Play

There is a variety of sensory toys to choose from at the Toy Library. In this are behind the play structure, you will find musical instruments, balls and ramps, many different kinds of bead mazes and more.

School Play

The Toy Library is a wonderful resource for teachers and homeschoolers. Upon entering the room, you will find many school supplies including backpacks packed with educational resources for various subjects and other kits and manipulatives for learning.

Infant Toddler Play

The Infant Play area offers the perfect opportunity to borrow toys that your child will love but soon grow out of. Along with walkers and ride on cars, there are various infant and toddler appropriate toys on the nearby shelf. Instead of buying, check the Toy Library First!

Game Play

The Toy Library has just about any children’s board game you can name! Play a game during your visit or check some out to bring home!

Creative Play

The Creative play section has many toys for building and creating. Here you will find Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Legos, Knex, Blocks and so much more!

Other Notes

Wagons can be borrowed for transporting borrowed toys to car. Toys can be returned to any library. Additional parking can be found across the street. For extra security, there is a security guard at the door and metal detectors upon entering the building.

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