Sweet and sour Cherries are available for U Pick at a variety of Farms around Rochester. The cherry picking season has a short window in early to mid July. 

Burch Farms 
527 North Ave, Hilton, NY 14468​
July, Sour Cherries

Burnap’s Farm Market 
7277 Maple Ave Exd, Sodus, NY 14551
July, Sweet Cherries

G & S Orchards 
825 Atlantic Ave, Walworth, NY 14568 
Dark and White Sweet Cherries and Balaton Hungarian Sour Cherries (also known as Tart or Pie Cherries) available. Sweet Cherries Late June – Mid August. Sour Cherries Early July – Mid August

Morgan’s Farm Market  
3821 Cory Corners Rd, Marion, NY 14505
Limited Supply

Schutt’s Apple Mill 
1063 Plank Rd, Webster, NY 14580
Benton, Bing, Emperor Francis (Queen Anne), Windsor, Ulster, and sour cherries available from the end of June to the middle of July.

Whittier Farms 
219 Whittier Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
Starts late June or July and lasts for two weeks.

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