We don’t often showcase school playgrounds, but the Victor Central School Playground is too great to ignore. Being on school property, this playground is only accessible to the public outside of school hours. Summer School is in session 8:00-2:15

There are 4 playgrounds on the Victor School Campus! However, two are newly built and engaging to a wide age range. To play on both of these playgrounds, enter the school campus and follow the signs for the Intermediate School. You will see the both playgrounds as you approach the Intermediate School Building. There are outdoor accessible bathrooms near each play area!

953 High St, Victor, NY 14564
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Primary School Playground

The Victor Primary School unveiled a newly built playground (September 2021) to match that of the Intermediate School. This playground is condensed compared to the Intermediate school but great for a wide age range!

There is a fun musical instrument section here as well as a dome.

There are also several inclusive elements including an adaptive swing, merry go round and teeter totter. The playground is partially rubber surface surrounding mulch. Most of the inclusive features are connected by the rubber surface.

Intermediate School Playground

There are 3 “Levels” to this playground. The first has a wood chip surface and 4 structures including a winding rock wall, 2 stand and spins, and a large net obstacle course. There are some unique and challenging aspects in the net structure that is great for the older kids.

The second level is what makes this playground unique. Here you will find a rubber surfaced hill with 2 tunnel slides, a bridge and multiple staggered archways. This was the highlight of the playground as we enjoyed timing ourselves to see how fast we could go up the bridge, down one slide, up the other slides and down the arches! Try it for yourself!

The top level of this Victor Central School Playground is where you will find your typical playground structure. This area has multiple typical swings as well as an adaptive swing. There are more structures here that are suitable for obstacle courses if you enjoyed the timed activity at Level 2! There are many balancing structures here along with a zip line, bridges and slides.

Victor Early Childhood School

Two more playgrounds are tucked behind the Victor Early Childhood School. The Early Childhood building is the first you pass when you enter the campus and the furthest playground from the Intermediate school. However, if you are up for a stroll, you can walk to all 4 playgrounds on the campus! Note, accessing the early childhood playground does requiring crossing through a parking lot.

Though these playgrounds are older, they have some fun and unique features. Our favorites are the three cars nearest the smaller playground structure.

If you continue just a little further past the play vehicles, you will find the fourth playground on the campus. This playground is large with many traditional features. It is also nicely enclosed by the building creating a semi-enclosed play area.

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