Webster County Park is a favorite here! Between the multiple playgrounds and beautiful pier with creek access and sand to play in, how can it not be?! Campsites are also available for rent so you can stay and play.

​1078 Lake Rd, Webster, NY 14580
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Playground #1

This newer playground is a dinosaur lover’s paradise! You will find that there is ample space even when this park gets busy. You can dig for large bones in the sandbox (rubber pieces not sand)! There is a large set of swings (adaptive, baby and typical), slides and two bridges within this play structure. There are a few different levels to this one, so it is perfect for many different ages. The playground is near the lake, so it does have a nice breeze. Please note, the playground is in direct sunlight so bring sun hats. There is an outhouse a short walk from the playground and seasonal restrooms across the street near the White House Lodge. This is the newest Jack’s Place playground, another one is located in Penfield.

Playground #2

This is a fairly simple playground within the beautiful park. There is a large hill near by which may be fun for the kids to run up and down. The playground is far away from the road, though there is a creek nearby. There is a giant log for climbing on and a spring car. There are baby swings and typical swings and play areas for younger and older kids. With the Jack’s Place playground nearby, this is a good spot to head if you are looking to avoid the crowd. Please note, The nearest bathroom to the playground is an outhouse. The playground is right off of Holt Rd by Creek Bend Shelter. 

Playground #3

If the rubber mulch sand box at Jack’s place isn’t doing it, there is a large, true sandbox on Park Rd by Valley View Shelter. There are swings here as well as some hiking trails. Bring your own sand toys! ? Take me there!

The Pier, Beach and Creek Access

This is one of the few spots where kids can see the creek meet the lake. At this particular spot near the pier at Webster County Park, there is a small landing area with easy access right near the creek. During our visit, there were not steep drops in the water and it was easy to keep the kids away from the lake. They loved walking in the open waters of the creek and tossing rocks. The pier is across the street from the Beeches Shelter and adjacent to the White House lodge. A seasonal bathroom can be found up the hill from the pier.

The Hiking

The Ridge Trail is a 1.4 mile walk that is bordered by maple, ash, and many other types of trees. While on this trail check out the fishing pier which has a wonderful view of Lake Ontario.

The West Look Trail is a 1.6 mile walk that is great any time of year. The highlight of this trail is the West Field portion, this field is in the secondary stage of succession. You will be going through woods which are a great habitat for wild turkey.

The Valley View Trail is a .6 mile walk that passes through a former orchard that is filled with seckle pear, apple, crabapple, and cherry trees. This trail is full of birds in the spring and summer months, and is a great place to see a variety of animals.

The Ryans Point Trail is a .5 mile walk that is a good cross country trail, that takes you under a line of trees, and has many different groupings of seasonal plants.

The Orchard Trail is a .8 mile walk around a portion of Mill Creek though ash, oak, maple and many other types of trees. Seasonally it has many different kinds of plant life.


The Sledding

Webster Park has one designated sledding hill which is open to the public. The sledding hill is located next to the Parkview Lodge, right off Holt Road. There are also some groomed trails for Cross-Country Skiing, thanks to the Rochester Cross Country Ski Foundation.


The Venue

Webster is a great location to host any gathering from a birthday party to a wedding! There are many facility rental options to choose from to fit your occasion with stunning views of the lake or close proximity to a playground.

Facility Rental Information

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