The Webster Recreation Center has much to offer in terms of events and affordable family fun. One of the more unique fitness areas can be found behind the Webster Recreation Center.

1350 Chiyoda Dr, Webster, NY 14580
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The Fitness Area

The walk to this area in itself can be a workout for some! If you follow the Chiyoda Trail from the Rec Center parking lot to this area behind the baseball fields, it’s just under 1/3 mile. You can also take a shortcut through the baseball fields. Once there, you will find a parkour style fitness area! This area can be entertaining and challenging for kids and adults! There is a climbing wall, tunnels, tire course, balance beams and more. If you have any energy left, First Responders Playground is also just a short walk away! 

The Recreation Center

Check HERE for the list of programs available at the Recreation Center.

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