There is some quality play potential happening at Wegman Road Park. Though small, hours can pass playing in the large sandbox (bring your own toys), walking/running the kiddie track, playing on the playground equipment, painting a kindness rock or throwing a frisbee in the open field. The sandbox is clean, there is plenty of parking and a seasonal bathroom shelter!

510 Wegman Rd, Rochester, NY 14624
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The Playground

This is a great place to head on a sunny day. At the playground, there is a rock wall and swings of all kinds. The sandbox here is large and in good condition. Be sure to pack some cups or sand toys. The open air pavilion has several picnic tables. There is also a little free library so bring some books!

The Kindness Rocks

Upon entering the playground at Wegman Road Park you will see a Kindness Rock Garden! Bring by a decorated rock to drop off in the garden or pack some paints or markers to decorate one while there to be left in the garden. Just remember to be kind and only decorate a rock or two so others can also participate!

The Story Trail

There is a perfect child-sized track at Wegman Road Park. The track is a 1/8 mile loop located behind the playground. Currently, there is a story trail on display along the track so be sure to stop and read as the kids scoot, peddle or run around the trail. The story starts on the side closest to the pavilion.

The Venue

This is a great place for a kid’s summer birthday party! The open air pavilion holds 30 people and is close to the playground. Being a small park, yours will be the only party on site!
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