Wilmorite Recreation Area is a quaint little play area nestled in the Webster suburbs. There is a neatly placed sign and the playground is set a long way back from the street entrance. Upon entering the area there is a simple playground, basketball courts and places to sit. Off to the left there is a large pond to explore.

125 Iroquois St, Webster, NY 14580
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The Playground

Wilmorite Recreation Area is not found on most maps, so use the address above! There is on street parking only as this area is used widely by the local residents. Although small, there is an adaptive swing, typical and baby swing, as well as a teeter totter and tic tac toe game! There is a bench to relax, small young children’s slide and plenty of space to explore. Go over the bridge and check out the pond! Please be respectful of the neighbors regarding noise, but it’s a super cute hidden gem to explore if you are in the area. Just a heads up- since this is a community area, there are no on site restrooms.

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