The Winton Library is conveniently located at the intersection of Winton Rd and Browncroft Blvd and features a nice sized children’s section! There are sidewalks to stroll if you live nearby or just want to explore the neighborhood! There is also a hidden path behind the library!

611 Winton Rd N, Rochester, NY 14609
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The Children’s Section

The children section at Winton Branch Library is located towards the back. There is a whole section here dedicated to children’s books, DVDs, and a play area. In the play area you will find a kitchen, train table, magna tiles and more. There’s also tables with kid sized chairs making for a great spot to get some work or reading done!

The Natural Play Area

These logs perfect for climbing and balancing on are hidden behind the Winton Library! If you head down the sidewalk and behind the library, you will see a very short wooden trail. That’s where this area can be found! Note: Unfortunately, this trail can be misused and littered with garbage so your experience may differ depending on upkeep and when you visit.

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