Known for its easily accessible 50 foot waterfall, this park is a little gem located in the heart of Wolcott. The trail to at Wolcott Falls Park is roughly 0.1 mile long, making a perfect stop for a short walk and play date at the play area!

1 Mill St Wolcott, NY 14590
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The Playground

Located back in the eastern corner of Wolcott Falls Park, you will find an older metal play structure and wooden slide with hanging bars. There is also a large playground and sandbox/water table in this section. The colorful playground is fun kids under five years old!

The Hike & Waterfalls

This is one of the shortest hikes to a waterfall you will ever take! The trail is roughly 0.1 mile long with low traffic and perfect for kids to explore without getting too tired. There is also an observation deck right off of the parking lot with views of the 50 foot waterfall! Nearby you can take a rest at the pavilion when you finish your walk to the falls.

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